My favorite cars of the 90s.

1990 Corvette ZR1

I’ve read a lot of “Top 10 car” lists in my day. Top 10 0-60. Top 10 fastest. Top 10 1/4 mile. I’m making this list with soley my own opinion in mind.

You might notice the lack of American muscle cars on this list. Hopefully, you’ll quickly realize that American muscle cars of the 90s didn’t really exist. It’s not that I dislike American muscle, but the 80s and 90s were a rough time for muscle cars. I mean, I DID add a photo of a 1990 Corvette ZR1 because it was a cool car, but it was expensive for a “Chevy” and unreliable. Sure, the fox body Mustang is a great drag chassis with an amazing aftermarket, but any attraction to 90s Mustangs were snuffed out because my high school and post high school days were spent listening to dipshits telling how bad-ass their Mustangs were. Every. Day. Ugh…

Some of these cars made this list because I owned them. Some of these cars made this list not because of their status in the 90s, but today. Some cars didn’t make the list because I had a personal bad experience with them. Whatever the reason is, it’s my reason, and you may not agree with it. Or, maybe you do agree with it. Either way, leave me a comment and we’ll talk about it. Now, lets get started…


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