Joe Wrenches – Pro Street Eclipse – Introduction

This is the FIRST video in the Pro Street Eclipse series. Kind of an “Episode 1”. Or maybe even a “Pilot”.

In this video I talk about the car I’m starting with, and go into a little bit about why I chose it. I show some of the car’s strengths, and weaknesses. I talk about some of the initial plans, including parts I’ve already collected in anticipation.

The car I’m starting with is a 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse base model. Chosen for a few reasons. #1, I’m a big fan of the platform including the turbocharged 4G63 engine and I know it well. #2, because of the lightweight of the base model. Manual steering, windows, locks & mirrors along with the lack of a rear window wiper, sunroof and excess body moldings make for a starting weight of just over 2500 lbs.

The basic plan for this car is to mimic the Pro Street look and have performance to back it up. A purpose built drag car that you can drive on the street. Maybe.

The details of this plan are still being sorted out. The car is going to be completely disassembled, media blasted and primed. It’s then going to get a cage that will cert to 8.50 with a window net, parachute setup, aluminum seats and harnesses. When that’s done, the suspension, brakes and wheels/tires will be installed. Some fiberglass parts will be bought and made including hood, hatch and wide fenders. The car should then be ready for paint and a bunch of new parts and trim pieces to make it look good.

The drivetrain setup changes every day in my mind, but will most likely be a 4G63 engine and F4A33 Automatic transmission. The rest of the details are ever changing.

Follow along with this Pro Street Eclipse series and you’ll get to see it all come together.

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