Joe Races – 2014 East Coast Shootout

This video is a collection from the 2014 East Coast Shootout held at Cecil County Raceway in Rising Sun, MD.

I took a ride with a friend of mine up to check this event out. We left friday evening after work and dinner and drove straight through. We arrived just before noon and were able to check into our hotel before finding a good place to sit and eat. After we ate, we picked up a few things at CVS, caught up on our social media and hit the sack.

After a good night’s sleep, we headed to the track. We parked and started walking around the pit area. We ran into a few friends and met a few new ones.

We soon found our way to the starting line of the track and I tried to get some random qualifying footage. After a trip to the snack bar, We headed back to watch eliminations. I filmed the rounds and put a video together.



As soon as the race was over, we got on the road. We arrived home Monday in the morning.

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